AeroSpınner serıes

Solution Blowing + Electro Blowing + Electrospinning system

AeroSpinner is a standalone unit for production of nanofibrous membranes from a spinning solution. The device uses compressed air to form nanofibers from polymer solution. Polymer solution is fed to the nozzle via syringe pump, then pressurized air forwards the polymer solution from tip of nozzle through the collector. During this process solution evaporates and polymeric fibers are collected as a nonwoven mat on the collector. The high production rate (15-20 mL/h per nozzle) and reliability for safety is making this technique feasible for nanofiber production. The device provides flexible researching ability through... its parameter setting and long term spinning of a large variety of spinning solutions.

This product is modified version of AeroSpinner series devices designed and manufactured by Areka Group. AeroSpinner is a solution blowing design equipped with high voltage power supply. The power supply enables, the nozzle and the collector to get positive and negative charges, respectively, and hence to form an electric field in the spinning zone (between nozzle and collector). AeroSpinner device can operate as electro blowing system by using both forces, compressed air and electrical field, or it can operate as an electrospinning or solution blowing system when only one of these forces is in operating mode.

The advantage of this modified version from our AeroSpinner series is the improved control of fiber diameter distribution and the homogeneity of the produced nanofibrous mats as a result of the presence of the electric field. Additionally, AeroSpinner device can be equipped with humidity control unit that enables stable and controlled environment throughout the whole spinning process.

AeroSpinner is designed to meet the requirements from technical textiles industry: uniform nano- and microfibrous media for novel applications. The nanofibrous membranes produced can be used as filter media, biomedical scaffolds and dressings, tissue engineering materials, as components (electrodes, separators) for energy storage, etc.

areka aerospinner solution blowing, electro blowing, electrospinning system
Model Compatibility Sample Size
HV Power Supply Nozzle Count Collector Width
L1.0 Standalone,
Lab scale
300 x 400 Available 1-6 Up to 50 cm
M1.0 Benchtop,
lab scale
300 x 400 Available 1-6 Up to 50 cm
P1.0 Pilot scale 300 x cont
600 x cont
Available Up to 32 Up to 100 cm
I1.0 Industrial scale 1500 x cont Available Up to 128 Up to 100 cm