hearty pump & dosage systems

For Laboratories, Medical and Industrial Facilities

Hearty pump and dosage systems

Characteristic Hearty i1.0
Hearty i2.0
Hearty i3.0
Viscosity*1 0-500 cp 0-500 cp 0-500 cp
Infusion rates*2 0.2 pL/min - 30 mL/min 0.02 pL/min - 60 mL/min 0.02 mL/min - 400 mL/min
Infusion rates for 5 mL syringe 60 nL/min - 6 mL/min 6 nL/min - 12 mL/min Not applicable
Syringe/Container volume 0.5 μL - 60 mL 0.5 μL - 60 mL 1 L
Syringe type Plastic, Steel, Glass Plastic, Steel, Glass Integral steel container
Draw back functionality*3 No Yes Yes
Motor type Standard resolution stepper motor High resolution stepper motor High torque stepper motor
Motor drive controller Standard stepper driver New generation high resolution stepper driver with feedback High power stepper driver unit
Step resolution 0.2 μm 0.2 μm 0.1 μm

*1Delivery of liquid with viscosities up to 5000 cP are possible with limited flow rates

*2Depends on the syringe installed, the relevant syringes are 0.5 uL for minimum rate and 60 mL for maximum rate, respectively.

*3Liquid suction rate during draw back movement might be limited by external parameters such as syringe outlet diameter, liquid viscosity and environmental pressure.