Areka Melt Blower

For Thermoplastic Micro-/Nanofibrous Nonwovens

Melt blowing system is a nonwoven production line using an extruder die for molten thermoplastic polymers. The system uses pressurized air to attenuate the extruded polymer melt into micro-/nanoscale fibers. The produced micro-/nanofibers are collected onto a roller or conveyor where they build a fiber-to-fiber contact and construct a 2D mat. Since the melt blowing method uses polymer melts instead of solutions, it provides an environment-friendly production line without solvent evaporation.

AREKA Meltblower E-25/25-D is a meltblown production machine used in... the production of fibrous nonwoven fabric structures as a result of the exposure of various polymer melts, which are melted by the extruder and transferred to the mold tip with the help of the screw inside the extruder, to high pressure hot air. AREKA Meltblower E-25/25-D basically consists of 3 units: conveyor unit, air heating unit and extruder unit. Areka Melt Blower provides users to produce microfibrous and/or nanofibrous nonwovens via lab scale system. It takes up smaller space in your working area.

You can use our Melt Blower for sampling, for your R&D studies. It is possible to produce microfibers/nanofibers from PE, PP, PET etc. It is suitable for laboratory works for manufacturing hygiene products, innovative food packages, air filters, face masks, functional apparels, drug delivery materials and so on.

areka melt blowing system

Characteristic Value
Screw diameter 30 mm
L/D 22
Screw speed 50 rpm, max
Operating pressure 750 bar
Processable polymers PE, PP
MB Die
Die width 200 mm
Capillary number 200
Air plate angle 60°
Air gap 0.3 mm
Air Heating Unit
Pressure 5 bar
Max. operating temperature 300˚C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1000x550x1400 mm3
Weight 400 kg
Technical Requirements
Dimensions (LxWxH), air heating unit excluded 2600x1000x1600 mm3
Power Triphase 380 V, 45 A (3P+N+E)