Areka lab products

Arkstat high voltage power supply

High Voltage Power Supply

Areka Arkstat series are available for electrospinning, electroblowing, charging applications and so on. Having user friendly touch screen, safety hardware, Arkstat high voltage power supply series are easy to use.

hearty pump and dosage systems

Pump & Dosage Systems

Areka Hearty series are available for medical applications, lab scale and industrial scale fiber/nanofiber production lines that require pump and dosage systems for any purposes. There are three types of devices in the product range of Areka Hearty which are "basic" for laboratory uses, "advanced" for more sensitive studies, and "big" for industrial works.

air triple air purifier

Air Triple:
Air Purifiers

Areka Air Triple is germicidal air purifier to be used for indoor atmosphere. The device has 5 layered filtration mechanism which are placed from outside to inside as rough filter for collecting dust, pollen, pet hair; HEPA filter for particles having up to 0.3 micron diameter; Active Carbon filter for odor elimination; photocatalytic filter and UV light for removing microorganisms.
Since Covid-19 caused most people to stay indoors for long time, Areka Air Triple series have suitable design to be used in homes, offices, libraries, hospital rooms, and so on.

Areka humidity control system

Humidity Regulation System

Areka Humidity Regulator is an automated system for having humidity of cabin experiments under control.
It is connected to the spinning chamber of electrospinning, aerospinning, centrifugal spinning devices, spraying cabins, mini-greenhouses; and follows and changes the humidity level in the chamber with humidifying or drying functions.

Areka vacuum evaporator


Areka Vacuum Evaporator is designed and manufactured for environmental purposes. The system is suitable for waste water purification, especially for textile plants.